Business Improvements

Mineline Resources aims to assist businesses in the mining industry with identifying and implementing operational improvements that drive efficiencies, provide value, and achieve the biggest gains.

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Business Improvements

In today’s competitive market, businesses are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and profitability. The mining industry is no exception, and that’s where Mineline Resources comes in. With extensive experience in assisting mining companies with identifying and implementing operational improvements, Mineline can help make a real difference, whether for a single site, multiple sites, or across an entire business.

Using Mineline’s proven Bare Essentials methodology, the company’s consultants can determine the current state of your business and identify areas where improvements can be made that provide the best value, drive efficiencies, and achieve the biggest gains. Using change management best practices, consultants ensure that improvements are smoothly and effectively rolled out into the business, embedding and sustaining gains and efficiencies into the future.

Mineline Resources has developed an in-house process of optimisation that incorporates well-known and established practices and methodologies of business improvement. The company calls this the BARE approach, which is an acronym but also a reminder to stay focused on the bare essentials for achieving results and not to over complicate the process.

Mineline Resources understands that over-complicated processes are rarely sustainable, and the best improvements come from remaining true to the KISS principle or “keeping it simple stupid” approach. With Mineline’s help, mining companies can achieve real and lasting improvements in their business.

The B.A.R.E approach is an acronym for sub-methods within Mineline's optimisation process!

  • Benchmark and Baseline The first step, Benchmark, involves establishing a baseline for the current state of the process. This helps to identify the starting point for any improvement project and the desired end goal or outcome. A baseline figure for an established business can often act as a trigger for improvement, as the current results may not be satisfactory. The Benchmark step can help to identify the opportunity gap, which is the difference between the current state and the desired end state, that needs to be addressed.
  • Analyse and Align The second step, Analyze, involves analyzing the benchmarked data against the required output or results to identify the opportunity gaps that need to be addressed in order to achieve the desired outcome. This step involves identifying the gaps and current capacity within each step of the process being targeted. The analysis can take many forms, depending on the improvement parameter targeted, such as cost, performance, time, or equipment.
  • Repair and Remove The third step, Repair, involves identifying any constraints that are affecting the ability to fill the identified gaps. This step involves determining what sections of the process need repair and what, if any, need to be removed altogether. Many processes can be employed at this step, such as constraints theory, time and motion, or critical path analysis.
  • Embed and Escalate The final step, Embed, involves ensuring that the improvements are sustained and become part of the organization's culture. This step involves reflecting the changes in the organizational strategy and policy, operationalizing the changes in the form of business processes, and supporting them with information systems and infrastructure. It is important to communicate the reasoning behind the change to stakeholders and ensure their acceptance to prevent subversion or reversal of the change.

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